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Take your shopping list with you or manage the family from anywhere.. The Famjama site adapts to your device - for families on the go.

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Print some of the best grocery coupons for your area - right from your computer. A SMART shopping list matches coupons to what you plan to buy!

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Google Calendar

We understand you relay on other calendars and we want to work with them. Now, you can show your family responsibilities on your Google Calendar.

PC Magazine's Editors Choice
Family Calendar Sync

Famjama was proudly selected as PC Magazine's Editor's Choice for online family organizers. "Of all the family organizer apps I've seen, none gets the job done as well as Famjama." Read the article.

PC Magazine Editor's Choice
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The Magic of the Family Meal -

The statistics are clear: Kids who dine with the folks are healthier, happier and better students, which is why a dying tradition is coming back.

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Family Calendar Sync

Check out the demo site to see how Famjama can work for you and your family.

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Recent Press

Friendship Circle

January, 2014

Managing a household can be a full time job: driving one kid to soccer practice, another to ballet, cooking dinner, doing the laundry, maintaining a clean house (if there is time) and the list goes on…and on....

Make Use of!

October, 2013

If you’re in charge of organising your family, you’ve probably realised that having great tools at your disposal goes a long way. Calendars, to-do lists, shopping lists, project planning: all of these need to be managed well so that you can co-ordinate the needs of each and every family member. And that’s a tough ask of any app...

PC Magazine, Family Organizers Review, July, 2012

cincinatti family magazinePC MAGAINE'S EDITORS CHOICE By: Jill Duffy,
PC Magazine, July, 2102.

So much of our lives has migrated online and become centralized there. Communication, socialization, finance, entertainment, career... A relatively new type of application seeks to move yet another aspect of life online, to centralize it and make it easier to handle: household management. Of all the family organizer apps I've seen, none gets the job done as well as Famjama (beta) (free), our Editors' Choice in this category...

Homeschooling Parents Magazine, Spring, 2011

cincinatti family magazineTHE FAMILY CONTROL CENTER HAS MOVED ONLINE By: Cynthia Traina, Homeschooling Parents Magazine, Spring, 2011.

New Website Keeps Family Members Accountable With Online Calendars, To-do Lists That Require Sign Offs, Family News Blasts, And Much More. is a free family online control center that serves up tools to help monitor the numerous and varied activities of busy family life. From one single Internet portal, parents can create and implement to-do lists and shopping lists and schedule extra-curricular activities, and that’s just to start.

Cincinnati Family

cincinatti family magazineFamily Life Doesn't Have to Be So Messy By: Carolyn Campbell

Need to keep the entire family organized? Check out, a free family planning site that gives everyone access to a central calendar. Color codings help detail the who, where and when of daily activities; a “To Do” list keeps the family on track with chores and homework; and you can even use the site to coordinate your kids’ sports teams, carpools and more. The calendar can be accessed online, or you can synch it to your iPhone.
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