A Calendar that Works for Every Member of the Family

The Famjama calendar offers each family member their own unique view of the day. Below is an an evening in the life of a typical family entered into the Famjama calendar. Hover your mouse over the calendar to see the many ways the Famjama calendar can help you plan your day.

Calendar Sample


Hover your mouse over the various categories on the right to highlight a few of the special features of the Famjama calendar.

Color Coded Calendar Keeps everyone on the same page.

Keep 'Tabs' on the Whole Family See events for other family members

Cool Special Features For example, a white dot means there is no parent or guardian.

Share Events with Friends and see if they have accepted.

Your Evening:

Move your mouse over the events below to see how the calendar organizes a typical evening.

4:00pm Kids to Practice

4:30pm Appt. with Dawn

4:30pm Afternoon Practice

5:30pm Kids Getting Picked Up

6:30pm BBQ with the Williams

7:30pm Dinner with Stan and Mary

7:30pm Erin is babysitting?