A shopping list for every member of the family.

Your family can access it from anywhere and so can you. Enter a requested item from a computer at work. Pull it up on your mobile phone when you are at the store.coupons

With the Smart Shopping list feature - coupons are automatically generated for the things you know you need to buy!


A comprehensive, 'living' shopping list - at the family's fingertips from virtually everywhere. You can also control permissions for who can add items and who can delete!

Smart and Simple

A powerful time saver. Anyone can use it. Coupons are automatically generated based on your grocery list.

Easy Access

...from home, work, phone. It's the same list.

Multiple categories

Organize without overcomplicating.

Send or Print with Ease

The list can be forwarded to email, phone or SMS or easily printed.

Famjama Mobile

Access the same list from any mobile device - specially designed for smaller screens.