No more managing email addresses or phone numbers.

Youth Team Startup your new group website in minutes. On the first day of practice, hand out a flyer with the team internet address at Famjama. Famjama even creates the flyer for you – just click Print.

There they can find bulletins, a calendar, links to pictures and contact information. Each family decides how they want to be notified. You make a change in one place, it goes to everyone. They can be notified by SMS, email or even directly to Facebook. It's simple and it's free.

See a sample of a public site you can put together in minutes. Your members can sign up for access to private information and to receive updates and notices automatically.

Integrated Schedules

Anyone in your group can use Famjama to synchronize the team schedule with Google calendars, iPhone, iCal (on a Mac) or even access it from a mobile phone.

Group Bulletins

Quick updates in a flash. You post 'em, they can read 'em.

Group Contacts

Everyone can always find their leader and other team/group members.

Group Links

Link your team to pictures of the last game, recommended sites, courses - anything you want them to know or learn.

Group Blasts

Send a message to everyone with a single click. They receive it by email, SMS or Facebook. It's their preference.


For the group or individuals. Request confirmation. (coming soon)