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Privacy Statement

At Famjama, we value your privacy. Famjama will not share your email address, mailing address or any other personally identifiable information with any other commercial entity without your explicit request or permission. 

Famjama maintains limited personal information about you which you provide to us at registration and at other times during your usage of the site. Famjama also maintains limited data about how you use the site, which can be used to better improve your experience while using the site.At no time will Famjama share this personally identifiable information, such as a name, email address or other contact information, with a third party company.From time to time, Famjama may share aggregated or statistical information about our user population or segments of the user population of the Famjama site with a third party company but never in conjunction with any personally identifiable information.

Sharing Personal Information within Famjama – Please use Caution and Monitor all Behavior. Features within Famjama allows Famjama users and families to share information, including photos and contact information with friends and associates.  Please be cautious about the information you choose to share as well as those friends and affiliates with whom you are sharing the information.  This especially applies to children under the age of eighteen.  There is inherent risk associated with sharing any information about children under the ages of eighteen and we advise strong parental review and supervision at all times.  We also advise that only parents or guardians have administrative control of the site – thus, only parents can control the privacy settings for the family.  We also advise that parents or guardians monitor all activity on their Famjama account on a very regular basis and report any suspected abuse or concerns to support or via the support section of the Famjama website.

Abuse or Detection of Abuse

All use of the Famjama site is in accordance and agreement with the Famjama Terms of Use.  Any use of the site which does not conform to the Terms of Use or does not conform to laws governing the user’s geographical  location is forbidden. If you detect that a user of the Famjama site is using the site outside of the Terms of Use, for any illegal activity or in a malicious way of any kind, please cite the offense and send it by email to the Famjama support team at support or via the support form on the Famjama website.

On-Site Advertising

Famjama is an advertising driven web service.  Famjama may use information, provided or collected, to provide you promotions or advertising best suited for you.   For example, if you are a 35-year-old woman, you may see advertisements for things a 35 year-old woman might use, such as women’s clothing.  Or, if your shopping list contains a pair of Nike sneakers, you might see a coupon for a discount on Nike sneakers.  This benefits you by providing you information on products and services best suited for  you and helps us not to waste advertising space on things you would unlikely be interested-in.  After all, we are an advertising based site.  Again, however, your personally identifiable information, such as name, address, or email address is not provided to any third party company or party at any time.

Should you at any time choose to quit the Famjama site, your information will be kept alive on our servers for up to one year should you decide to return and use your account again.  If, after quitting the service,  at any time you receive a promotional email from Famjama, you will be provided simple instructions for how to quit receiving any future such mailings.  You may also send an email to support or via a support form on the Famjama site, to request that your information immediately and finally be deleted from the Famjama servers; and Fajmama staff will remove all personally identifiable information from the Famjama servers within a reasonable amount of time, usually thirty (30) days.

Famjama is a US company. As a user of Famjama, you agree to have your information transferred to, and saved in, the United States.


As is typically required for an accurately functioning website, Famjama stores data about your browser, login state and other information in the form of browser cookies.  Some cookies are persistent, meaning they remain after you close your browser session while others are temporary and only are active when you have an open browser session.  Cookies are used for your convenience and do not contain sensitive or personally identifiable information.

Third Party Advertisers

As stated, Famjama does not share any personally identifiable information with Third Party companies, Famjama does, however, include advertisements from third parties on the Famjama site (this is of course how we are able to provide you our service).  These Third Part advertisements at times, may themselves use cookies to track the user’s behavior independent of any information maintained by Famjama.  They may also  use other technologies such as JavaScript and "web beacons" (also known as "1x1 gifs") to measure the effectiveness of their advertising or track “click throughs,” (the number of people who click on an ad).  Because Famjama will not provide any personally identifiable information to any Third Party company, any Third Party company will not be able to identify a Famjama user unless that user provides such information directly to the Third Party advertiser.  Famjama’s privacy policy covers the use of cookies used by Famjama but does not cover the use of cookies by Third Party advertisers. 

Children Under the Age of 13

Famjama does not knowingly allow children under the age of thirteen (13) to register or setup an account without parental supervision.  All effort has been made to direct registration and control of Famjama accounts through parents and other adults over the age of eighteen.   By statute, Famjama may not require a child to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity as a condition of participation.

The types of personally identifiable gathered about children under the age of 13 is referenced  within this document and is either provided to us by the Famjama user in a conspicuous fashion as is shown through registration and user management web pages and include, but are limited to name, email address, mobile phone number and birthday. Please review these user registration and user management screens so you may fully understand the nature of information that may be collected.  In addition, Famjama tracks certain types of usage as discussed in “On-Site Advertising” above. We advise that all registration and user management functions, including privacy control, be performed by a parent or guardian.

The administrator of the Famjama account can control how any personally identifiable information is to be shared with friends and associates on the site. We advise that only parents or guardians have administrative control of the site and that the parents and guardians monitor all activity on their Famjama account on a very regular basis. report any suspected abuse or concerns to support or via the support section of the Famjama website.

Third Party Applications, Calendar and Information Syncing

If you are using the Famjama calendar syncing application(s), then you enable members of your family circle to access Famjama calendar events in other calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Facebook Calendar and Outlook.  Depending on the application, you may be required to input a user name and password for another website or application.  Famjama may need to keep this information stored in a database for regular syncing with the other applications.  Famjama databases are located on servers in secure locations and all passwords are encrypted when transmitted to third party websites.

Links to Other Sites

Famjama allows the user to add links to other websites. Famjama also provides links to other websites.  Famjama is not responsible for the privacy controls or policies of other websites. Please use caution and read privacy policies before providing any sensitive information to these sites.

Site Operator
For questions or concerns over the privacy policy, contact Famjama, 2442 California St., San Francisco, CA 94115 email support (415) 202-5200.


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